Friday, August 21, 2009

Hey Nia!

I am such a huge fan of Nia Long. Nia has been featured on television and in movies since she was a teenager and she has always held her own with her radiant smile, beautiful brown skin, full flowy hair and great figure. I used to try and emulate her when I was younger--I cut my hair like hers (remember the cute bob “Cat” had on All My Children?) and tried to do my makeup like hers in college with the smoky eyes and the purple lipstick, lol. Outside of her looks though, she just seems to have a beautiful spirit that radiates from the inside out and makes me feel drawn into whatever it is that she’s doing. She’s been showing up on red carpets lately looking absolutely fab—including this look from the In Style "Summer Soiree". Just thought I would share. We black women are so gorgeous aren’t we?!


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