Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning Meditation

Good Morning,

Prosperity is my divine birthright. I believe that the universe showers me with abundance--a wealth of love, family, money, peace and joy--and that as I give these things, I receive the same in return. Life is a cycle--I know that everything I put into it, is what will manifest itself back to me.


*I deserve prosperity.
*I have plenty of time and money.
*The Universe showers abundance upon me.
*As I express my needs, they are met.
*As I give, I receive, receive and receive.
*There is limitless supply and it is mine.
*There is plenty more where that came from.
*Money is simply energy that I exchange for what it is that I need.

-Sri Laxmi, the goddess of good fortune--wealth that is manifested through personal diligence, generosity and pure intention. Courtesy of


Candace said...

This is beautiful. My favorite: I have plenty of time and money. These are two things I am always saying that I don't have enough. This stops today. Thank you for a beautiful blog.

Kim Jackson said...

Good for you, Candace! It works! As soon as I stopped saying "I'm broke" and "I can't" and "I don't have enough time"--I stopped being broke, learned that I can and began to better manage the time I'm given. They key is in how we view things.

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