Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Ways to Get Your Happy Back

 Need a boost? 
Here's some food for thought to get you out of the dumps and back into the light.  

1.  Focus on what matters to you.  
Happiness is about perspective.  What is important to you?
Are you expressing those values in how you live? 
Are you sacrificing your own happiness in order to please others?

2.  Everything is temporary. 
Research has shown that pessimists believe that whatever bad thing happening is everlasting,
while optimists view the same thing as only temporary.  Feeling stuck is what causes most of the suffering.

3.  Make a Worry List.
Write down what is bothering you.  Seeing your worries on paper helps you realize that they are outside of you rather than internalized.  This will help you approach them one at a time.

4.  Create a morning ritual.
What small thing can you do when you wake up in the morning to tap into your magic before you start your day?  Play a special piece of music?  Read something inspirational?

5.  What Door is Opening?
"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which as been opened before us." - Hellen Keller

6.  Feed your mind.
Boredom is a happiness killer because a great deal of happiness comes from the challenge of learning something new.  If your mind is stagnant, that's an ideal environment for negative thoughts to grow.  Read a book, take a class, take a trip to a new place. 

7.  Sleep Well.
If you're not getting enough sleep, you're not going to function at your best and your thoughts are likely to turn negative. 

8.  Give a compliment.
Saying something nice to someone is not only a great spirit lifter for the other person, but for you as well.  Also, the more you say wonderful things about people, the more you are perceived as being wonderful.  (Conversely, the same is true for those who say negative things about people.  Makes sense.)

9.  Acknowledge Anger.
Blowing up in anger and stifling it are both bad for you - emotionally and physically.  Both tactics lead to elevated levels of LDL (bad cholesterol).  Acknowledge your anger, but using breathing and counting techniques to compose yourself until you can express yourself calmly.

10.  Beware of Emotional Vampires.
Emotional vampires suck the energy out of you or otherwise bring you down through endlessly complaining, general negativity; bad-mouthing others, etc.  We tend to take on the energy of those we are around, so the more time you spend with emotional vampires, the worse you will feel.

Did you find these helpful?  Let me know and I'll share some more goodies from this book.  It's one of the many books I keep at my desk at work.  You never know when you will need a boost! :)


Caro said...

This is a beautiful post. Very helpful. Thank you! :-) Keep it coming.

CupOf*T said...

Very Helpful- thanks!

SiMpLeAsScHiCk said...

another post that really makes you think & realize "do i really do that". Thanks

Silverfox said...

Thanks for sharing your internal beauty.I will be putting these into practice daily.

Dorothy said...

Lovely. Thought inspiring and practical. I will (try) to give it a go each and every day!

kfortune said...

very well said! thanks so much)

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