Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Belated Black Girl Day - Link Love!

 We truly look forward to sharing lovely links with you every month on Happy Black Girl Day. So, although we weren't able to post yesterday, the goodies below are just as uplifting today as they would have been yesterday! :)

But first in other news, we want you to know that we've kept the giveaway open because we think it was a bit daunting to require an At Your Best  feature. (Not one entry!) We really want to give these items away, so instead of submitting a feature you can leave a comment stating when you feel at your best. What hobbies, activities or guilty pleasures make you feel like your best self? Please share in the comments of this post to be entered in the giveaway. We'll keep this open until June 30.

Now that housekeeping is done, check out our happy black girl links below!

Happiness can't be bought but it can be created: 3 Ideas for Building the Life You Want
by Amber J.

"Name Your Fear.

This is the first step toward creating happiness for yourself. Why? Because your fears are usually the main thing blocking you. Think about it: What scares you? What is the thing that keeps you up at night? Have you ever acknowledged your fear out loud?

Fear of not being successful is what keeps me up at night. Prior to making some changes in my life, I was spending way too much time subscribing to my own limiting beliefs. One day I decided to write down, “I am afraid of not being successful” on a sheet of paper. Next, I wrote down all of the reasons why lack of success freaks me out. I discovered that the real thing I am afraid of is not “appearing” to be successful. I realized that this directly relates to some of the unwise decisions I have made in the past few years."  Read more

On the Fast Track to the Hair You Want
by Chai

"The art of caring for your natural hair often requires a few trustworthy glances in the mirror, and the ability to be open & honest. Are you doing this for yourself? If so, silence the critics, all the doubts & fears and start an inner dialog. Changing your mindset and approach to how you treat your hair should be a pretty high priority before inspecting the aisles of the local beauty store. Don’t just ‘DO’ your hair, learn to understand why it behaves the way it does, why it might need a bit more TLC than the next natural, and realize there’s nothing more rewarding than when you put in the work & care for something of value." Read more

And Then One Day I Just Chose to Be Happy
by Carmen

"For some of us, it's a boxing match life where every turn you make and every step you take you find someone or something trying to knock you down or put you out for good. And yet some of us discover that most of our challenging opponents have been our own fears and negativity. Our inner voices creating dysfunction where it has no place. Muddying the waters because that's all we know and expect. Putting up walls. Closing doors. Rejecting love and running towards deception. Denying possibilities and embracing the unachievable, simply to justify that unwillingness.

And yet some of us, hopefully many of us, will make magic out of anguish. We'll discover beauty in the monsters. We'll turn cries into music. We'll pen poetry out of misery. We'll learn to dance with the torment. We'll find the way - our way." Read more

For more information on Happy Black Girl Day, visit The Beautiful Struggler.


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