Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Overcoming Moments of Fear and Doubt

A question we often ask of the women who participate in our GEMS features is, “How do you overcome moments of fear or doubt?” These are feelings that many of us have from time to time and it’s important to have a solid plan for dealing with them. When you experience moments of utter confusion or doubt; feel discouraged or uninspired; or start to doubt your purpose; there are a few things you can do to help bring you back to a place of positivity:

1. Make a List – Make a list of your personal and professional attributes, of the reasons why you’re pursuing your goal, or of pros and cons related to a particular course of action. Just make it something that helps you to feel productive, and that you can act upon later.

2. Read Something That Inspires You – Whether it’s your favorite book, your favorite blog or an article in the New York Times that is related to your industry, read it. Keep in mind that researching and staying abreast of what’s happening in your area of expertise is an important part of fully participating in it, and this is often the easiest way to garner motivation.

3. Listen to Uplifting Things – Podcasts are great to play while you’re getting ready in the morning, or cleaning. They fill that quiet space around your thoughts with positive reinforcement. I created a “positive perceptions” playlist on my iPod that is set with songs that are inspiring or even just fun! Like Mary J. Blige “Work that” and Jill Scott “Golden”. The words and the music of both are sassy and uplifting.

4. Express Gratitude – You’re going to feel better if you focus on the things you DO have, rather than if you focus on what you are lacking—that’s a no-brainer. So express gratitude for things that you do have, and that you are sure of and watch that energy attract more abundance.

5. Be Patient With Yourself – Life is all about ups and downs and ebb and flow and we have to embrace both. You can’t appreciate the light without feeling your way through the dark.

6. Get Some Rest – I find that my most negative thoughts arise when I’m tired because I’m cranky. The outlook just always seems dim through my slumber-deprived haze. But once I rest and recharge, everything looks just a little bit brighter.

Everyone has their own little tips and tricks for dealing with these crippling moments. What are some of yours?


Stacy Australia said...

Thanks so much!! This was so needed and right on time for me. I have a few (possible) life changes coming up in the next few months and I was getting easily frustrated and overwhelmed. Thanks again.

Kim Jackson said...

You're so welcomed. Best of luck with your new endeavors! Don't stress--everything works out for your highest good, even when it doesn't seem like it will.

Curly Chic said...

Much needed! It's funny how you just when you have challenges, something like this is put in front of you. Thank you.

June said...

I've been going through some financial and emotional challenges lately. Doubts and fears about how I'm going to cope sometimes overtake my mind. I manage by giving thanks to God for where He had brought me so far, and try to remember the good things I do have which are family, friends and good health. When I focus on the positives, it helps me to cope with the challenges of life. Thanks for this article.

Kim Jackson said...

Yes Curly Chic! We're always led to what we need, exactly when we need it. Glad this helped you.

June--great tactic. Our attitudes play a huge part in how we experience challenges. I know everything will work out for you financially and emotionally. Hang in there!

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