Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PLPT GEMS: Meet Fatima

PLPT GEMS Presents
Fatima ~ Flowers From Fatima
Designer. Optimist. Creative Spirit.

Share with us a defining moment in your life that has shaped the woman you are today.

I can honestly say that blossoming is an ongoing life process, and that all experiences have had profound effects on me, up until this point. However, one moment that has truly shaped the woman that I am today was my decision to start my own business. It is amazing how much Flowers From Fatima has made ME bloom! I've become so much more confident, empowered, humbled, and creative. Finding my business certainly led me to finding myself. My entire perspective on living has changed. When dealing with life, full alignment with Nature is important to me. I've become more in tune with our Mother Earth, more enamored by her beauty every day, and even more whole in my thoughts and actions in respect to the Earth.

Tell us about Flowers from Fatima and how you came to start your business?

Flowers From Fatima is a designer line inspired by hope, love, positive energy, and Mother Nature. The business was sowed in December of 2009, shortly following the passing of my father, who launched a community beautification program that revitalized our neighborhood. Growing up, I was very active in the movement to change our community. Many summers, I spent time alongside my family, planting beautiful blooms in the yards and watching the butterflies and hummingbirds visit. It was such an amazing thing to see how these small flowers could attract even more beauty. Not only did I notice a change in the life that we attracted, but the spirit of the community grew to become even more peaceful, loving, and positive. Since then, my affinity for flowers has blossomed. I sought to reconnect with Mother Nature, as well as share the experience with other women, in all ways possible and the planting of Flowers From Fatima was the product of my dreams.

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What are the most fulfilling and most challenging aspects of being self-employed?

Being self-employed is a beautiful thing when it comes to flexibility, freedom, and fun! I enjoy being able to live my life the way I see fit and having the freedom to build Flowers From Fatima at a comfortable pace, according to the tasks that my life requires at the moment. My business happens to fit perfectly into my busy life, as it is something that has become a part of me (with my extreme love for fashion and flowers). Aside from flexibility, I love the freedom that comes along with self-employment. I am not confined to the strict policies that often accompany corporate jobs. I can choose who I wish to work with, which has mainly been my family, and I love my hours! One of the most challenging aspects of self-employment is the lack of stability of the job that you have created and chosen to work. It can be difficult to endure the "slow periods" of the business, whereas having a steady career in corporate America guarantees much more. However, the goal is to reach that point with your own business to where it is more reliable in sustaining itself and your life. I understand that patience is key with all elements that involve growth, though.

How would you describe a day in the life of Fatima?

As the sole designer and President of Flowers From Fatima, I manage nearly all of the business-related tasks, from advertising to creating hair flowers. I spend half of my day online, advertising and marketing my product through social media. Depending on the tasks scheduled for the day, I will complete about 3-4 handmade accessories to be ready for purchase. When I'm not online, I'm promoting my business wherever I go, with business cards and product ready. You may even find me vending at a local venue for a special occasions. For the most part, a normal day is rather relaxing, fulfilling, and fun. I simply love what I do!

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How do you stay motivated and overcome doubt, fear and negative thinking?

Staying motivated and keeping positive thoughts was certainly something that I had to master. As I mentioned before, the sowing of Flowers From Fatima transformed me spiritually. I learned that through being optimistic about my dream, I was able to attract greater success into my life. I could never speak badly about my business or my efforts ever again after I found what worked for me, and undoubtedly, could work for anyone. I accept the twists and turns of my journey and understand that through it all, I am in control and that with the intent of seeing my seedling bloom, Flowers From Fatima will flourish in due time.

What advice would you offer to others who are searching for their purpose or are afraid to take the first step towards their dreams?

For those searching for their purpose, please know that you will find all that you are looking for when you least expect it and where you never imagined. It is something that comes naturally and will be fulfilling to both you and those that you share your gift with. Look deep inside of yourself and evaluate your strengths and pleasures in life. That is where you belong. For those who are afraid of pursuing their dreams, I wish that your fear be conquered. It is easy to fear the unknown as we cannot see what lies ahead of us, but spiritually, we actually can. Step into tomorrow with a positive state of mind and a vision for yourself and your dreams will unfold. You are a creator and have the power to manifest whatever you desire. Once you've taken the first leap forward, it's always easier to see the finish line more clearly.

Name someone who has inspired you and why.

One person who has inspired me is my father. Again, he had an extraordinary vision for a sullen community and that's all that it takes: A dream, intense focus, and extraordinary thought. You have to know that something can truly be different through all of the years of ordinary consistency. This is the foundation to all successes. I am glad that I had the chance to partake in such a life-changing experience in my younger years.

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How can our readers connect with you?

I LOVE connecting with positive people and I also design custom orders, so please take the time to visit the online boutique at http://www.flowersfromfatima.com/. You can also find Flowers From Fatima on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/FlowersFFatima or email me at FlowersFromFatima@gmail.com.

As a special treat , Fatima has been sweet enough to offer a discount--just for our readers--for 35% OFF her beautiful products with the code "PeaceLoveBlooms". The code expires one week from today on Tuesday September 20th. Thanks Fatima!


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