Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Breakthrough is Coming. Don't Give Up.

Happy Monday! 

This week, my intention is to stay focused and not allow setbacks and detours to cause me to lose faith in myself.  Do you need to affirm this for yourself, as well?  Reflect on the follow excerpt: 


"Your failures in life come from not realizing your nearness to success when you give up.

In setting goals, we sometimes box ourselves into time limits. Limits are fine when we have everything we need within our control. No matter who we are and what we want, we must always surrender the element of time to the divine timekeeper.

When we are not conscious of this element, we may throw our hands up in despair and walk away a moment before the breakthrough.

Our ideas and goals are the children of our minds. We nurture them with our thoughts and actions. Like a fetus in the womb, they develop in just the right way, at the right time. Eventually, labor will start. It is painful and sometimes long, but eventually the child comes to life.

Remember that time is on your side."

~Author Unknown


Peaches:) said...

I'm realizing that when it looks like a step back, it may actually be a step forward, a set up for your breakthrough. Sometimes when you are under attack and filled with feelings of self-doubt, it's only the enemy getting nervous, trying to make you quit, b/c he can see the big picture. he can see that next week, next month, or next year, all your hard work will come to fruition. Love how the post referred to labor. As a new mom, once I held my precious gem, I forgot about the 10 months of carrying her and the 27 hours of labor and delivery. Actually, it felt so much better being that I went through so much, gives you strength and confidence that you can do all things. That you shouldn't let age stand in your way.

Peaches:) said...

Also, like to remind myself that God made the world in six days, so with the blink of an eye, He can make your dreams come true. Just think, when Oprah aired, she could turn someone into a star, a mogul, a millionaire, just by vouching for them on a single show. What a great God we serve! He gives us each a divine destiny, a purpose. And if he vouches for you, your dream can come true overnight.

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