Friday, July 31, 2009

Affirmations of Peace

Good Morning,

Let's begin our day with some meditation to prepare our minds, bodies, souls and hearts to maintain peace throughout whatever should come to us during this day. I invite you to repeat these things out loud until they permeate your whole disposition and become the response to any negative energy that dares to try to come into your sacred space.

*I will appreciate myself and honor my soul.
*I am focused, engaged and balanced. I attract positive energy, and resist negative energy.
*I float freely above the burden of having to place a judgement on everything.
*I let go of the need to need and allow myself to sink gently and gracefully into the beauty of this moment.

-various authors

*I am letting go.
*My mind is at peace.
*I am healthy and happy.
*I am welcoming peace.
*I allow myself to be quiet.
*I am at peace with myself.
*I feel absolutely supercharged!
*Today is my chance to be healthy.
*My vital energy resurfaces naturally.
*I enjoy the food that is good for me.

- the warrior goddess, Athena. Courtesy of


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