Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shake that Load Off

Oh Saturday, I've waited for you all week and finally you are here! So far today, I slept in (which is 9 AM in my world), fed my babies, got sweaty and loose with some cardio sculpt and yoga, fed myself and showered. My mind is feeling clear and calm. I'm looking forward and expecting to have a beautiful day.

Freeze! So often when I am feeling content and happy, something or someone comes along and tries to change my internal soundtrack from "Just Fine" to "Disturbia". Someone enters my space with an attitude or opinion that I didn't ask for...or I open a bill that almost makes my eyes pop straight out of my head. People will always have something to say, and you will not be able to solve every problem with a twitch of your nose or a snap of your fingers.
The victim inside of each of us tells us that all these external factors are a threat, and often our attitude becomes defensive and full of resentment. One day, I decided to stop being a victim of my circumstances. The rain is not falling to spite me. The associate at CVS does not have anything personally against me. My boyfriend's bad mood has nothing to do with me.
News Flash. Apparently everything is not all about me. Everything that happens in the world is not a punishment or reward for something I did or didn’t do. So, I have revoked the world's free pass to dominate my emotions.
I don’t have to feel responsible for everyone’s behavior.
I don’t have to be the solution to every situation.
I don’t have to be everyTHING to everyONE.
I don’t have to maintain an image.
I don’t have to be liked by everyone.
I don’t have to perform heroic, self-destructive acts to make life easier for everyone I encounter.

All I have to do is be content in my own skin and know that I'm doing the best I can with where I am right now. So, if you were in the dark like me, and thought that everything was about you, related to you, because of you, couldn’t go on without you, etc. Please be advised that you do not have to carry that load. Let go of what you cannot control, and be free of burden.
Shake that load off and step out into the sunlight with me! It really is that easy. Rocking your favorite outfit and your big hair. If big hair, is your thing, that is. See, there I go making it about me. ;-) Hugs.


BBBSCaymanIslands said...

Congrats on the new site! This blog is lovely and uplifting. I'm glad you both are sharing your words of wisdom and random thoughts. I thank God that I am surrounded by such peaceful and pretty girls and can't wait to see your next move! Wonder what the Lord has in store for you both in the year to come. All good things:) Heather H.

Peace Love and Pretty Things said...

Thanks Heather! Whatever is in store, we're so glad to have such a strong support system to take the ride along with us.

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