Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michelle my belle

God knows we needed a role model and representative when he chose Michelle Obama as the First Lady of our nation. I just adore and applaud her for her fabulous, intelligent realness. I love her not just because she's black, but because she is Michelle Robinson Obama - working mom, loving wife, lawyer, community activist, and stylista. She takes her daughters to Beyonce concerts and has date nights with her husband. I have seen her dance, articulate, nurture, cry, educate, sass the press when necessary and ride or die with her man with the cameras rolling and not a hair out of place. Her grace under fire presence inspires and delights me. This is us, America. This is how we do.
...and if you're wondering, I just LOVE the faux bob.


Chic Mommy, Cool Kid said...

I saw this picture of Michelle earlier, and I do love that cut! There was speculation that this is one of her immaculate "fool the eye to make you think I cut my hair" pin-ups. FAB either way! I'm so proud to have Michelle represent me and my womanhood.

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