Monday, July 27, 2009

Question of the Day ~ Puberty Preview???

I could use some advice from my fellow mamas, teachers, aunties, or anyone who knows kids or has some perspective on the topic.

Help! My 7 year old son is entering a new and challenging phase that is driving mommy to her knees :/ I could use some suggestions, encouragement, prayers...spells...magic tricks...whatever you got. So, this boy's got energy and personality for days, which often gets him in trouble. Lately, he's become more strongwilled than ever. Questioning authority, disobeying rules, and whining and complaining everytime he doesn't get his way or he thinks something is unfair. It seems as if overnight my baby has gone from age 7 to age 13. He's very...passionate. I love his free spirit, but as his mom, I want to teach him to control it.

What's going on with my lovebug? Where is all this attitude coming from? His father and I talk to him, punish him, take privileges away...we also spank him when we think it's necessary. We've considered if maybe he is acting out or trying to get attention, but we can't figure out what would cause him to feel this way.

Has anyone gone through this??? Any insight would be greatly valued.

Mommy 911


Enigma said...

You've got yourself a tween. Sometimes they are challenging. Set up a schedule for him, love him through it, keep up with the consequences for bad behavior. It DOES end. I assisted my mom with raising my 4 neices and nephews. Sometimes I wanted to really push them all in a closet and forget about them for a minute because of all of the attitude and bad behavior, but that period ended. I think it is just preperation for the coming teen years. Take heart it WILL end soon.


Peace Love and Pretty Things said...

Thanks so much for your post, Nikita. It really helps to hear testimony that this too SHALL pass.

Tonight I had the BEST talk with him. Turns out, there really were some things on his mind!! I remember 7 as being such a simple age, but apparently when you are in that moment, sometimes it doesn't feel so simple.

I feel reassured that he knows we are with him every step of the way no matter what he goes through. We are just here to guide him and he's got to fall down and keep getting up just like we do!

I love that boy :)

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